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Silvina Ibanez is a Visual Artist and an expressive arts therapist.   She has twenty years of experience in the Art Field, working with several visual art languages and music.  Her educational and professional experience focused on contributing to social change and healing through the arts. As a teaching artist and educator, she facilitated art classes and workshops for people of all ages and abilities.  As an expressive arts therapist, Silvina models her interventions using an intermodal approach to the arts in connection to spirituality.

                                                                      Silvina worked as an Art Specialist leading projects for International Public Agencies, Non-for-Profit                                                                                                Organizations, and Private Corporations. She was responsible for conceptualizing and executing art projects on                                                                                various topics.  Among other important initiatives, she was an active advocate for creating digital databases to

                                                                      protect cultural heritage in her country of origin. 


                                                                      Silvina holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (UNA Argentina), a Master's degree in Visual Arts (UNAM –                                                                                      Mexico), and a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in                                                                                                            Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley University. She has ten solo and twenty group exhibitions in Art Galleries and                                                                              Museums.

                                                                      She is a member of  CAA – MA (Cambridge Artist Association ),  and IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association)



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