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Available on this webpage for sale and under request. Personalized Paper Theaters are available only under request. If you are interested in buying artworks, please send me a message through the contact form. 

Art Classes and workshops.


In person - On line for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Individual and groups. Bilingual (English and Spanish) 

- Painting (oil - encaustics- watercolor/gouache - collage - mix media -    acrylic, temper, oil pastel, chalk pastel)

- Drawing (pencil, charcoal, ink, mixed media )

- Printmaking (xylography, lineography, collagraph, dry point, kitchen    lithography, gelatin monocopy, etching)

- Basic of Ceramics. (slab technique, pinch pot technique, coil           technique)

- Paper theater workshops

- Papier Mache - Cartapesta workshops

- Papermaking workshop (recycled - vegetable)

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