"Ink painting brings us into contact with an immersive intimacy in which humanistic themes of man’s relation to himself, to nature and to the other are played out against the great backdrop of constancy and change" Dominique Narhas. Catalogue essay "Ink - the Art of China " for Saatchi Gallery. London


In recent years, the ink technique has gradually attained attention from academia and scholarly institution. That is because of its semantic content and aesthetic significance.

On the Ink Gallery, you will find  examples about some inherent categories attributed to inks : freedom of brush, the expression of personality, the catharsis of emotion and the figuration of a personal imagery.




My paintings are rooted in the antique technique of sargas that took place mainly in Europe until the XVIII Century. Frequently they were commissioned by ordinary people and weren't considered a significant art. On the contrary, most of the times the technique was used to train future court painters. Since 2001 when I started to study them, the sarga paintings called my attention due to share concepts, method and solutions wich several links among our nowadays painting practice. The contemporary sarga series displayed on this web page has the attempt to open a dialogue between the ancient practice and contemporary expanded field painting.  The works share a transversely of techniques between tapestry, textile design and painting or drawing and they should be considered as a new chapter in the evolution of the original idea.